Air Filters for Air-conditioning, Vendilation, Clean Rooms & All Industries Applications


  • Standard manufacture aluminium construction.

  • Special graduated density aluminium mesh fill preventing face blocking.

  • Extended surface area as a result of crimped aluminium mesh.

  • No discharge of arrested grease.

  • Drainage slots for efficient cleaning on all sides.

  • Vertical crimps on face aluminium prevent grease dropping from face.

  • Low inirial air resistance.

  • 2mm gauge aluminium angle holding frame.

  • Collapapsible lifting handles prevent grease discharge.

  • Fast and easy push-in/pull-out action fro cell installation.

  • Non-standard sizes and stainless steel frames are available.

  • Thickness 2"(46mm), 1"(21mm) and 1/2"(12-10mm).


Typical Betterair Model 362 Grease Filter Specification.

Grease filters shall be all aluminium Model 362 or approved equal, constructed of grid pattern, aluminium crimped wire mesh graduated in density. Cell surround shall be aluminium 46mm actual depth. Air resistance shall not exceed 28 Pa clean at 2.540 m/s velocity. Holding frames shall be of aluminium, self-supporting and designed for effective joining for multiple banks. Felt seals shall be fitted and quick release catches for mounting and removal of each filter cell shall be provided, allowing handles to be folded in flush with the cell.


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