Air Filters for Air-conditioning, Vendilation, Clean Rooms & All Industries Applications

The air filter medium has been develope to provide the lowest possible air resistance whilst affording a long length of life and satisfactory dust extraction efficiency particularly when pollen, fluff, etc. are apparent in the air.

BETTERAIR B15-150/290, B15-500
The B15 series combines a high dust holding with a relatively low pressure drop and is therefore extremely cost effective with a long filter life.

Integral Program of Air Filters for Paint Spray Booths (BETTERAIR BA/360G, BA/560G, BA/600G)
Betterair air filter materials are approved and applied at most automobile manufacturing companies around the globle. Fine air filtration media specifically designed to be used in down-draft paint spray booths as final filtration barrier to all-paint-damaging particles from the intake air stream. Ensures a uniform air distribution throughout the spray booth, when applied in auto assembly plant and auto refinishing facilities.

BETTERAIR 2AB/85 floor filter
Eliminates contamination of equipment and environment with paint over spray. 2AB/85 is a paint arrestor with in-depth loading, constructed of continuous and rigid monofilament glassfibers. 2AB/85 takes out paint over spray prior to exhausting utilized air from the cabin.

The filter has been designed for application on automatic roll filters. Can aslo be used in panels for all air conditioning and ventilation plants as prefilter to more efficient filters or as final filter.

Betterair RA/180 exhibits filtration performance cnsistent with the requirements of roll filter applications, while providing low initial resistance and high dust holding capacity for long life

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