Air Filters for Air-conditioning, Vendilation, Clean Rooms & All Industries Applications

Modern combination heating / cooling equipment often requires a higher velocity filter for cooling then for heating. The BETTERAIR aluminium filter is an all-season filter because of its exceptional performance over a wide range of velocities. Its superiority in depth loading, in low resistance and in dust holding capacity means longer filter life plus improved protection of equipment components. Its delivers the performance of larger filters making it ideal for application in compact equipment. It is equally adaptable to residential or commercial equipment.

Light Weight, easy to wash BETTERAIR aluminium filter. Glistening, makes an unbeatable combination for fast, easy filter washing. Dirt, lint and the adhesive itself are easily removed by simply flushing the filter in a stream of water.

Multi-layered slit and expanded aluminium sheets are staggered to form thousands of highly effective dust holding baffles. Dust and odor bearing particles are literally trapped throughout the filter's depth, with low resistance build-up.

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